Know Thyself & Set Yourself Free!

Gain Wisdom, 

Compassion & Purification

Powerful Spiritual Awakening

Work to Transcend, overcome and Finally BE truly the essence and majesty of Your who and what you are

Your Keys to BEING tRUE awakENed..

From the worlds leading authority and life long practitioner and spiritual teacher of Deep spirituality, theosis and parables, Ted Nottingham here breaks down the framework, the language & compassionate wisdom to lift you out of the deception of this world. Empower Yourself and Be free from Facets, delusion and roles that no longer Serve you..

We have a humanity now that has never seen so much division, confusion, despair individually, co-cooperatively at all levels of society. Is what is called for is a closer look at our complicity in all of this? This requires a philosophical introspection and ultimately awakening of epic proportions. Not only do we desperately need this inward look, we also need to know how to successfully navigate this.

Without a proven framework and ancient wisdom nor a language of terms to allows us to articulate this otherwise complex subject - we are simply lost at sea - its no surprise humanity, particularly in the west is in such a mess, pulled from one worldly trend and agenda to another.

The problem we have is due to a myriad external overlapping influences; survival and whether its simply 'fitting in' or influenced by nationalistic, cultural, financial, family, cultural or even religious dogma.

How do we rise above these influences, which we adopt and believe its whom we are - how then do we strip away what is not serving our real essence of who we really are and ultimately our real truth?

Mystic philosopher writer, Gurdjieff sought hard to understand and in turn teach this path to truth - he had many students, now you can comfortably receive, integrate his majestic teachings wherever you are, at anytime...

Introducing Complete Digital Access To Gurdjieff's Fourth Way Teachings & Guidance

The challenge in this 'inner work' is having a trusted guide to hold your hand that brings forward timeless wisdom, terminology and the blueprint of understanding how to be truly free. Here then is the map if you will, the ultimate guidebook of support to do this life-changing work. This however is not for everyone, you will bE shocked - but anyone who wants purification, wisdom and compassion - much needed in a world where compassion seems missing at times - here is your answer - congratulations!

 you will find these teachings are timeless and essential in today's world..


Exclusive Offer! 

Weekly Support Videos

Instantly Access 128+ Beautiful Wisdom Teachings 

As soon as you join you create an account we grant you access to Gurdjieff's lifetime's work of teachings via Video lessons, as well as weekly responses to your biggest questions

This work is a lifetime framework and unlike any new age spirituality - there are tenets and terminology which you will master to formulate your path of enlightenment.

Consequently your path and challenges to rise above will be unique to you, so although there is a progression and groundwork to build up - your path will be based on what you learn or have to unlearn - these teachings therefore can be revisited to see fresh insights and direction. 

There is a Bonus of weekly insights and specific answers (via video lessons) that are asked by this brave community of seekers


This resource unlike any other you will want to keep dipping into for your own path to enlightenment


 The goal is higher purpose, oneness, peace, wisdom and mastery over a life which will have much more meaning

Be Part of an Awakening Movement

Learn why  This work is critical for self discovery, self observation All giving profound insights and radical impact on human consciousness.

If you want Spiritual Awakening You are in the right place

Accessible Profound
Timeless Teaching

Make ancient spiritual teachings accessible, understandable - Learn The Fourth Way principals - integrate emotional, instinctive, intellectual, spiritual - create a balanced life integrating divine teachings. Encompass the way of the monk, the way of the fakir, way of the yogi with this; The Fourth way of transformation.

Live a Miraculous Life:
Life Long Tool To Transcend  

The timeless Fourth Way teachings are an invaluable resource for you to be the very essence you were born to be.

You literally get the opportunity to transcend your present or past reality to a purer path that is in tune and aligned with your higher self and the divine blueprint of who you are.

This is the mystical path of self discovery for those who want true peace, insight, direction and profound purpose

Free Yourself from False Illusions

With regular teachings in the membership you can absorb and put into place truths about yourself, situations and other people so you gain wisdom to make better decisions to serve your higher purpose, where you will learn that wisdom is the ultimate treasure.

With guidance and support there is greater wisdom you can navigate into, where false versions of yourself fall away and you become One integrated whole.

Ultimately over time the multiple versions fall away  and one becomes one and can better access The One infinite creator, which is the ultimate revelation.

Here’s what Members are saying

about the course..

 Member in Canada

"These teachings are a spiritual life-line in my life."

There are no words to describe how helpful the monthly exercises (and more recently the quotes you share with us via email) are in my daily life.   Another tremendous source of help is 'connecting' with other seekers via their questions that you share in video teachings.  There are days you post a new video with a question from a student, and that question directly addresses the struggle that I am also enduring.  I know this 'connection' happens with other seekers too.

Member in Los Angeles

"You have created a beautiful and highly effective system.."

Blessed are we that as your students we not only get our questions answered in such an up close and personal way but also with such beautiful accompaniment of music and breath taking, elevating images!
You have created a beautiful and highly effective system to reach your students with knowledge that is highly personalised for our growth and evolution and is masterfully done.

Member in Germany

"I have always been a seeker and you have greatly helped my search"

Thank you so much for your words and the soul they flow from. You have opened up so much love and beauty to me. I am so thankful for the light you receive and relay. I have always been a seeker and you have greatly helped my search

What's inside the Membership?


Module 1:
On Gurdjieff, Duties Seeking the Soul & Introducing The Fourth Way

This module introduces A multi-faceted understanding of this most extraordinary man (who has been misunderstood and misrepresented throughout history). We will look why this is the case and in fact learn why. Gurdjieff dedicated his life to expanding understanding and sought much so we can be liberated from the ego and false personality - discover why seeking, harnessing and liberating the soul is the goal and what the foundational duties are tantamount in this wonderful mission


Module 2: 
On Observing, Attention

Ted Your Host, Guide And Tutor Here Reiterates The Bravery, Dedication And Fortitude You Inevitably Will Need In The Central Teaching - Self Observation

Here You Will Start To Be Able To Detach And See Thoughts That Are Useful And Those That Are Not. The Inner Work Actually Is based from this foundation And How you can Explore without judgement or emotional strangleholds And Go Deeper and in turn higher all with With The Observing I As Gurdjieff Calls It. This Means We Can Apply Trans-Formative Techniques From Early On In This Process

Here We Are Introduced Also Into Specific Techniques To Empower Our Self Observation And Also To How And Where Specifically In Our Psyche Where We As Humans Allow Ourselves To Be Deceived.

We learn ways to see ourselves more Detached without being and consumed by that emotion so we can quicken and learn from it all


Module 3: Transformation; Awakened State, Self Remembering

This module highlights what the process of transformation comprises of.  This includes peeling away All The Layers of the multiple I's (which May serve multiple Functions) revealing our true essence & our true nature

Ted's teaching on this ancient path of enlightenment helps Navigate this with his support and Reminds us about the vitality, importance and bliss of the awakened state - aiming for Divine Union and joy with Holiness  Within and therefore in all things

These teachings also allow us to reveal who we are; which is as more pure and in awe when we were children - this is self remembering as Gurdjieff puts it and key to realising and bEING our highest potential


Module 4: 
New Understandings & Terminology

Working through and articulating the complexity of the psyche it is key that students are able to have key working terminology and definitions of Specific behaviours that we can recognise and transcend.

Gurdjieff brings a whole new meaning, objective knowledge & power to terms such as "Personality, "Machine" & "False and true Identification etc" - armed with these in your awareness you are empowered to navigate your life of distractions and influences with structure and wise efficiency


Module 5: 
Shock & Emerging from False Personality

Truly knowing the worldly influences on what you consider to be your truth can be a shock - in fact  the revelation of this is Commonly referred to the dark night of the soul! 

Don't worry however, Ted compassionately walks you through this otherwise tough process of the shock and the Subsequent emergence from the false self. 

This work is Objectively Transformational, yet only for the those willing to go through with this Humbling process.  The rewards are peace, wisdom and joy of truth which you will carry and Emanate out into this word


Module 6: 
Pray-full Consciousness

Ted's speciality is having uniquely theological, orthodox and esoteric combination, With This the videos help give hidden and deeper meaning of ancient spiritual teachings - this allows members to connect with the Divine on an intimate revelatory way which embraces correcting the inner world through greater consciousness of Your Oneness in line with the way of truth, order and the ONE infinite Creator.

this material empowers member to live a more empowered life where each moment is more treasured and an opportunity to transmute our old self into something  someone more majestic.


Module 7: 
Original Enneagram - Essences & Body Types

Ted brings forth and  helps members integrate the original profound esoteric teachings of the Enneagram.

This strange symbol brought to the West by Gurdjieff, Ted connects with the Original Un-corrupted source of these teachings. 

These original teaching brings in Transformative gnosis that can bring you into your deeper knowing of yourself

Ted Divulges these hidden teachings with this the Body Essence types. This helps us begin to understand that One's Body's endocrine system is in connected and works  the system with the universe, magnetic fields, plasma and consciousness in all things.


With this deeper quantum understanding we get an Opportunity to see why we do what we do through our body type (Body Mechanics). This teaching connects Essentially our body systems with cosmology,

this work allows us to accept ourselves and others better and to have compassion for all our individual reactions and patterns.


Module 8: 
Centers of Gravity; Understanding Balance & Center of Gravity

Ted now brings to you, a fresh Set of definitions for the different types of people in terms of their nature and their Energetic intellectual Governance or focus - This is Bizarrely, yet powerfully through referencing, identifying and liberating ourselves via new definitions of our make up through the 4 suits in the classic playing cards; diamonds, spades, clubs & hearts.

This allows greater compassion and breakthroughs in why we each operate in certain ways.


We Also Have 3 Timeless Bonuses..

Also on-top of the material above we offer;  Full Teachings on the Law Of Octaves, the Full Kindle book Fourth Way Series by the late Rebecca Nottingham and finally an opportunity to ask the leading scholar and practitioner of the Fourth Way, where he responds the weeks best question with a unique beautifully inspired teaching and guidance video

Bonus 1
Law Of Octaves, Aims & Harnessing the Power of the Octave

Anyone Who Wants An Intentional Life This We Are Gifted With This bonus Teaching Of Inertia, Momentum And The Energy From Our Efforts And The Specific Energy Frequencies Required To Move From One Level To The Next. 

This Helps Us Realise That We Need To Be Conscious Of Our Energy And What Blocks, What Helps Lift And Transcend To Overcome. This Is A Teaching We Need To Consider On What's Missing In The Gaps In Between The Octaves To Push Through On Our Challenges To Completion and beyond.

Bonus 2
4 Free Kindle / Book series on Fourth Way Teachings

As part of this exclusive offer we are including ALL our 4 pieces of literature on the Fourth Way (worth over $20) via Kindle download

Bonus 3
Access to 51+ Historical Weekly
Breakthrough Videos Guidance given by Ted 
Ask Any Question Regarding The 'Work'

About Your Guide, Ted Nottingham

Theodore J. Nottingham is an author and translator who works in a variety of genres, including non-fiction works on spirituality, Historical and Metaphysical Fiction, Children's Books, and translation of spiritual masterpieces. 

He is the author and producer of numerous nationally-televised documentaries and has regularly published articles international and regional magazines. 

As a student and teacher of spiritual development for over thirty-five years, his books reflect practical applications of the spiritual journey for readers of all traditions.

Here’s what people are saying about the Ted

Member & Professor of Religion

"This is what the world needs now."

Ted Nottingham's teaching is the most extraordinary example of integration of the perennial truths that I know of in the 21st century.  He is also making this so easy to be accessed through his extensive use of video technology with YouTube and our blog.  It is all there up on the table, live, with extraordinary generosity and willingness.  All this is  being presented in his gentle, strong voice and humble manner.  I wish that people could know how profound his integration-- in its assimilation and clarity of what we in the western world need so deeply to access at this period of history. Ted has done the 'great work.'  This is apparent.  He has accomplished the territory. This is an enormous achievement and so very, very rare. 

Ted's work now is to pass it on to others.  My prayer would be that people would begin to understand this (it is a process); and that they would eat of this wisdom, and work at the digestion and assimilation of this marvelous material into their lives, so that they might offer their fruits and flowers to others.  This is what the world needs now.

New Member 2023

"..I do feel the Holy Spirit led me to you.."

I found your videos about a month ago while looking into the Gospel of Thomas.  Let's just say you made it on my hero list, which is quite small.  So many of the things I've learned on my path and questions I still seek understanding of you addressed in a well articulated, knowledgeable, and loving way of a true spiritual brother.

I can solve a Rubik's cube in 20 seconds but still had a hard time interpreting some of the teachings in the Bible.  I asked Jesus to help me understand some of his teachings and I do feel the Holy Spirit led me to you.  Bottom line is I consider you a worthy teacher, a spiritual Brother, and Friend.

no where else can you find such rare teachings

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants you can now in the conveniently leverage and benefit from all the searching, travelling, studying, writing and exploring by the great teacher Gurdjieff, which in this world exclusive course is expounded, critiqued and broken out into bite sizes lessons, by a supportive teacher who himself had to go through being Ostracised by not only the main stream church but also mystic Esoteric circles - so you can revisit at anytime easily along with a community that is exploring and  doing this brave work too!

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New Member from Connecticut

".. You have the gift to find the right words to shine light on the inexplicable.."

"This is the most excited I have ever been about the internet.  What an awesome group of awesome people!.."

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What are common questions about your course?

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Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

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