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First Steps:

Logistics Office Set up



Project Plan & Milestones

Commercial Aquaponics & Orphanage Facility 

PHASE 1 : office set up & architect schemas TO AUTOCAD

1. Land Selection and Acquisition
- Research and identify suitable land with proximity to water sources and access roads.
- Negotiate land purchase agreements.
- Obtain necessary permits and approvals.

2. Architectural Designs and Schematics
- Engage architects to develop architectural designs and schematics for the orphanage and aquaponics facility.
- Convert initial designs to detailed AutoCAD drafts.
- Detail logistics and build-out requirements.

3. Infrastructure Planning and Costing
- Develop detailed plans for land allocation, drainage, and utility connections.
- Cost out the infrastructure requirements, including foundations, drainage systems, and utility connections.

Eco Orphanage

PHASE 2 : construction

4. Foundation and Tunnel Construction
- Excavate and lay foundations for the tunnel structure.
- Construct the tunnel (greenhouse) according to design specifications.

5. Aquaponics System Installation
- Procure and install aquaponics equipment, including tanks, grow beds, pumps, and filtration systems.
- Connect plumbing and electrical systems.

6. Training Setup
- Develop training materials and curriculum for aquaponics operation and management.
- Hire trainers or consultants with expertise in aquaponics to conduct training sessions.
- Train staff and caregivers on aquaponics operations, maintenance, and food safety protocols.

phase 3: operational set up

7. Seeding and Planting
- Source seeds and seedlings for selected crops.
- Seed and plant crops in aquaponics grow beds.

8. Fish Stocking
- Source fingerlings or juvenile fish for aquaculture.
- Introduce fish into aquaponics system.

9. System Testing and Calibration
- Monitor system performance and make necessary adjustments.
- Conduct water quality testing and ensure optimal conditions for plant and fish growth.


10. Harvesting and Sales
- Monitor crop and fish growth and schedule harvests as needed.
- Establish partnerships with local hotels and restaurants for produce sales.
- Begin generating income from commercial sales.

-Set up ERP software system to track shipment, transactions, accounting and manage enterprise

11. Break-even Point
- Track financial performance and expenses.
- Achieve break-even point when income from commercial sales covers operational costs.

12. Scaling Up
- Expand production capacity and/or diversify product offerings.
- Explore opportunities for additional revenue streams, such as orchard creation or educational tours for innovation hub

Invest In The Future: Partner With Us To Create Sustainable Change

Are you ready to make a meaningful investment that will not only yield financial returns but also transform lives and communities? Join us in revolutionising orphan care in the Volta Region by starting an office and investing in our groundbreaking project.

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