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New Vision Consulting provides turnkey performance marketing and E-commerce Growth solutions.

From generating briefs, market intelligence, to wire-framing and delivering technical infrastructure and system integrations, data and sales (inc security) – we literally streamline and deliver for channel or territory growth and can even provide remote technical staffing to save on overheads.

Having worked with private several clients’ wholesale, retail and eCommerce and warehouse systems we can help migrate tailored unifying international ERP solutions to save clients thousands in repeat processes, disparate systems.

Lead & Call Generation - CPA

Our competencies include lead generation, data management, email delivery, cost per call and call center marketing - where we operate a call center in Florida.

We leverage state of the call network tracking and analytics so we can seamlessly supply and analyse and optimise calls from any platform or data source.

NVC Also works with  trusted local SEO lead generation systems & Tools for aggregating localised pages for service providers

We offer one off or ongoing split testing, development, and creation of, sales copy, self-qualifying quiz marketing or sales rep script.

This can be on email, landing page, quiz pre-sales processes.

Big Data - Data on Demand

As of 2020 New Vision Consultancy are proud to announce we can email inbox, sms or voice mail clients based on a search engine input. This remarkable, legal, compliant solution works with several big Data processors like Oracle Cloud (where we process billions of records weekly). 

This unique solution is driven indirectly through search engines and is specified the same way one would create a click campaign. 

ie: keyword, keyword type, negative keyword

On top of this one can apply demographic filters including transaction history, location and income etc can be added based on your requirements. 

This can be mailed, along with the complete record for just $16c (more filters, increase cost)

Here is the process to establishing this solution:

  • Specify your keyword list, types, negs, location (usually 10-20 words phrases per category/industry).
  • We append the data elements and identifiers for you
  • Verify  the numbers using 3 verification databases
  • Deliver the emails via out in house proprietary system
  • About a week to start to finish 

Health Marketing Data

We have under management 380m emails with around 1000 ailment breakouts, We have an abundance of live up to date health transactional data under management also.

Our consultancy has mail partners where we can negotiate on a CPA basis pending the metrics and creative.

Online Community Platform

We also have competencies and completed work with Private Secure Online Community platforms including again wireframing, design, creation migration and maintenance. This is perfect for teams, organisations, groups, and fellowships etc. Our principal is core developer of the leading well-established open source modular platform and is well versed in the possibilities and common requirements.

Software Development House & IOT Consultancy

Not surprisingly bespoke software and even embedded software is also within our competencies, with elite government grade coders in Serbia and IOT technologist resourcing out of Malaysia & Connecticut, we can explore with you the options for any private, small, medium for both enterprise hardware or software scope requirements.


Strategy & management:

With a long track record with private global manufacturers, we help organisations streamline and integrate processes of global shipping, warehousing, logistics as well as optimising both online and offline channels to market including wholesaling & tele-sale. 

NVC is Also an eRP Consultancy, well versed in inventory, channel & distribution management tools. Especially crucial for stakeholders and decision making on re-ordering product asset  as well as promotion, via channels.  

ERP Consultant

Brand Development & Packaging Design

With a track record in strong branding and complete package design solution for E-Commerce too, is there a need to go anywhere else?

Offer Development

The biggest challenge for any advertiser is to solicit an action – this one of the secret keys to being successful online. Here is where many marketers and dare I say agencies, simply drop the ball when, as few know what an offer is, how to construct one, let alone build a funnel effectively.

However, with years of copy writing and studying of Dr Cialdini’s principles of Influence in action with clients and partners, we have the craft, science and art of constructing an offer and reducing customer fear and building trust to purchase down to a tea.

talent Search & Training:

Whatever your requirements are, our staff has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the solutions you need. Our investigators are experts in their field and will conduct a discreet inquiry that yields only the best results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are aware of LBO processes, have the legal team and the strategy for targeted acquisition and sales growth – representing an incredible opportunity for high net worth clients, looking to carefully acquire, streamline and cost effectively expedite business asset growth.

What You Can Expect With NVC:



Data driven Consultancy

Trusted  Expertise

"Whatever your e-commerce requirements, we have the skills and expertise to uncover, Resolve & Execute

the opportunities.."

Matt knows everything your business will need to know about increasing sales on the web. He is the first person I call to evaluate new ideas and come up with the information I need to turn those ideas into revenue.."


                                                                 Robert Redfern, 

Broadcaster, Manufacturer &

International Distributor

“Matthew Hornby of New Vision Consulting is at the forefront of technology and know-how when it comes to all aspects of digital marketing and lead generation.” 

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